Friday, January 8, 2010

Good morning from Mark's room where the "team" met and have concluded that this is an inflammatory process likely related to an autoimmune issue and will be treated with steroids which though they don't treat the disease, they do help to control symptoms while they work through the process of tracking the disease. The disease is likely as I say part of the broad scope of autoimmune diseases where the body's own immune system fights the body rather than the disease or syndrome. So the immune system needs to be treated along with the digestive system which isn't metabolizing in a normal fashion and the body is chemically out of balance. Docs will have to do a multi-faceted treatment to bring the body functions into alignment. Enzymes that are deficient will be fortified and during all this, GI docs will manage the process.

Once again Mark will be moving rooms on Monday to coincide with the change of resident shifts in the medical school. Fortunately Cyndi from oncology will move to GI and will be our continuum and be able to keep everyone informed about the historical issues.

Steroids begin today.

Ken Crocheron


Anonymous said...

GReat news!!! We are all praying and are so thankful for the healing power of the priethood! Two jokes for Marky:
What did the big chimney say to the little chimney? You're too young to smoke!

What did the Mexican chief of police name his two sons? Jose and JosB! LOL!! Love you all! Aunt Dianne

Anonymous said...

That is such great news!! We are excited that you finally have some answers. Hope to see Marky soon.
The Ganongs

Debbie said...

It's so great to hear that we are making progress finally! Our prayers continue to be with you. Hope this is the start to more answers and help.

Don't worry Marky, Paige has been making sure Brandon stays far away from Rocky. :) Hope you know we all really love Rocky. (even Brandon) Hang in there buddy! We hope to have you home soon.

the Rhoads

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things a looking up! What an amazing Priesthood blessing yesterday, Your family is still in our prayers dailey, we not only pray for Markey's recovery, But that you and your husband and other children can have the strength and health you need as well.

Take Care,
Rusty Simkins

Anonymous said...

Finally!!! The prayers from the hood are so strong! And you, my little friend are amazing. Keep smiling. The road home is getting closer now. We look forward to seeing you drive up in your driveway! Love Jody

Anonymous said...

The prayers will keep on coming for Marky, for all of you, for the doctors. So happy they have started treatment. Love to all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marky,

See, I told you something good would happen for you....Tell your Mom and Dad to "keep the faith, baby."

Love, Grandma Joan from Raleigh

MaddieMoo said...

This is Marky's favorite cousin Maddie :) A few days ago, my young women's leader was over at my house with her cute kids. We told her all about Marky and the trials he is going through. Her little girl, Aspen, heard us talking about sweet little Marky. After they had left, Aspen wanted to do something for Marky so he wouldn't be so bored in the hospital. Her mom took her to Aspen's favorite store and they chose out what they thought Marky would love best. Aspen chose the present and spent all of her Christmas money to buy it. The love of even this sweet little 7 year old can be an example to all of us. She could have gotten something for herself with her money, but chose to think of precious Marky before herself. It has been such a great experience to see everybody come together and help Marky and the Jeanes family. Thanks to all who have helped this amazing family in these hard times.

Anonymous said...

Loves to you Marky.

Mrs. Karren

Nikki said...

Marky- I'm so happy that we were able to see you tonight. You are such an amazing boy and we love you! You keep fighting the fight buddy boy! We will continue to pray that the Lord will speed your recovery. You have taught us all so much with your faith and endurance. Thank you for being an example of the believers! We appreciate you and your family and love you all!

Netters- GET BETTER FAST! I have to see you soon :) Please tell Scott to come anytime he wants to eat! I know he loves when I bake cookies so tell him I will fix anything he wants! Love you sister!

James so nice to visit with you and get a live update on Marky. He is so precious. It was all I could do not to swaddle him up and rock him in my arms. What a sweet, sweet boy! Thank you for letting us share a little of your night.