Wednesday, January 13, 2010

" Who's Mark Jeanes' Running Buddy" As you may know Mark is a student at Willow Springs Elementary School where Mark participated in the Gold Medal Mile. Mark felt bad for his friend Alex who running alone, was struggling and needed encouragement. Mark Jeanes instead of going for Gold, instead went back and ran with his buddy Alex.

Mow it's Mark's Turn for buddies as he faces huge challenges in a long road of certain obstacles to finish his race to come back home. Thanks to the kindness of Mark's school friends, teachers and principle, there will be the Buddy Run at Willow Springs on January 25th to raise funds for his expenses and to hopefully find a cure for his illness. It's called, "Mark's Buddy Charity Run." They are asking that you collect donations for this event and either bring them to the school or donate to the Mark Jeanes Charitable Account @ America First Credit Union, by Friday, January 22nd and then join the school team at the school on January 25th. What a great opportunity to come together in a community and support this cause and to lift the banner of charity high for all to see.

Thanks to all of Mark's buddies,
Ken Crocheron


Fer & Brenda said...

Hi, I just knew today about Marky because I have a daugther at Willow Springs too, we'll be praying and supporting the family from today. I knew about this interesting movie that is comming soon in January 2010, and they're are giving $10,000.00 for special treatments, actually a family of little girl from Draper city with a tumor, already had a video participating on this site. I think could be another option to raise funds. Heavenly Father bless you.

Kathy and josh(your cousins) said...

i heard you like animals marky im trying to send you some of our mountain pictures the bear fell asleep on his food we have 2 mountain lions and alot of pigs and coyotes i'll will try to send you more.

Sharyle said...

Looking forward to our "Buddy Run"! You are putting up a good fight, Marky. Keep it up! We are all behind you! LOL

Chantal said...

I've been in California since last home tonight and the girls were so excited to tell me all about how they talked about Marky over the sound system at school for all the kids in the whole school to hear. They told me all about the Buddy run and were very excited to take part. You are touching the hearts of so many Marky. We love you and will "Buddy Run" for you! Chantal