Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Night from Markysroom!!!!

Another day on the battlefield!

Marky looks good and feels pretty good!

Yesterday's MRI showed that his small intestines are "matted" together and stuck to the peritoneum; As compared to his prior study which showed the intestines were more "free floating" in his ascites (fluid).

Not sure what the significance of the "matted" effect is....but it doesnt sound good to me!!! Or if that can be fixed ???? OR if the doc's know, even!?!?!

MRI also shows that his kidney and ureter are dilated. It is not known if they were dilated on the prior MRI due to overlying barium in his colon from a CT scan!!!!

He continues to mystify the experts. This condition will surely and deservedly be named after little Marky!!!!!! I will INSIST on that, you can count on it!

Mark spent the day with his big brother, Scott, aka, "Bubba", which always lifts his spirits. They got laughing so hard at times that " saliva was flying everywhere!"..(Markys words)!

Thanks to all of you for continued interest and support. We couldnt get thru this without EACH of you!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I am so sorry to hear about this ordeal you are going through. I think about you guys everyday and keep you in my prayers. If there is anything you need, please let me know, I am but a phone call away!
All my love, support, and prayers
Julie Opensahw