Saturday, January 16, 2010

Marky's back "in-country" from Xray.

They said his lungs are a little better. He's been for a second walk today, and is still awake!!!!----since 0200 this morning!!!!

He will have to get shots in his abdomen for the anti-coagulants!!! Two shots in his belly a day! As if his tummy wasn't sore and tender enough already.

What a trooper he is. Always not JUST enduring...but enduring WELL!


Anonymous said...

On top of all that, he's endearing and so is the rest of your family! Love you!


joshua said...

I am so glad to see you up and walking Marky. Keep it up and you will be racing your mom and dad to the door. Keep up the exercise and pretty soon nothing will be able to keep you in bed.
Your the best
Keep up the good work Jeans family
We love you
The Greens

kennethcrocheron said...

Mark and Jo.........What a story those two faces tell. Mark and Jo can move hearts and never make a noise!

May angels watch over and bless.

Ken and Vickie

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you today Marky and your dad.Hope you managed to get a chance to read Elder Wilshers letter, he will write to you again so look out for another letter.
We will keep praying for you to get better and want you to know we think your a very brave boy
love The Wilshers xxxx

Anonymous said...

Good morning Marky, how's our Grandson,this morning,looking at the pictures,and so thankfull for such a wonderfull Grandson,so brave and strong. Grandma would be winning by now,if I had to go threw what you are, but,at least it looks like you are on your way up and filling stronger each day,at least you are able to do some walking. That is what Grandma needs to do, to fat, and also our dog(Suszie)she and I need to get out and walk. You, have inspired me to get it done,thank you,better go, talk again real soon. Love you Gandma and Grandpa Simmons xoxoxo

Markys mom said...

Hi Grandma n Grandpa Simmons from Marky! How is oklahoma? Is that where you live now??? Thanks for your notes. We read them everyday.

Markys mom said...

Hi Aunt Barbie from Marky!! How is New Mexico??
And the Library Business?
My Aunt Barbie is a librarian and gets hang out with
awesome books all day! Im reading one called..."There's
a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom!"----Marky

Markys mom said...

Dear Wilshers---from Marky

Thanks for the awesome letter from Josh! He drew me a cool
picture of a bunch of missionaries in Florida! I bet he's a good missionary. He was a good primary teacher too.--Marky