Saturday, January 2, 2010

GREEN BERET MOTTO: De Oppressor Liber

Which is Latin, and means: To Liberate the Oppressed


Anonymous said...

Here's another joke for Marky from Alex:
Q. Where do you find a dog with no legs?
A. Right where you left it!!!

I love you Marky! Love, Britt

Byron and Jana said...

Wow what a neat day! I love Marky's salute! What a special honor. You look pretty good too, Ken! You sure are humble for all those amazing things you have done in uniform! A day to remember for sure! Love to you all!!

Amanda said...

FROM peter owen milo mom

to marky

We love you and miss you.

We're always praying for you:

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Your pencil.
Your pencil who?
Your pencil fall down if you don’t wear a belt or suspenders

Grandma Wendy said...

Touching, yes, I have tears! Way to go Colonel!

Cathy Wallace said...

Ken, You're awesome!

Marky, you're awesome too!

Here are the lyrics to the 'Green Beret' song, changed a little just for you. Maybe Ken will sing it for you.

Fighting Marky’s brave, no lie,
Fearless boy-- he tries and tries,
Boys who mean just what they say,
Are the boys who wear the Green Beret.

Tubes and whistles on his chest,
He’s one of the very best,
One hundred boys will fight today,
But only one will wear the Green Beret.

Tried to burn Primary’s land,
Held so tight to Scotty’s hand,
Friends and family visit each day,
Taking courage from Lil’ Green Beret.

Back at home his Mommy waits,
For her Green Beret’s release date,
He keeps on fighting, though oppressed,
And of his dad he has one request:

“Put beanbag chairs in every room
I’ll play ball and run and zoom,
I’ll get untangled again one day,
And come home in my Green Beret.”

Here’s a link to the real words and tune:

Keep on fighting the good fight, Marky!
Love, Sister Wallace

Jared and Bryanne said...

Wow. Green Beret. That is so cool Marky! Someone as strong and courageous as you deserves to be a Green Beret!

Lisa Hodson said...

Wow, that green beret is pretty cool! I like the words for the song Cathy Wallace sent you. We're going back to school tomorrow and the class will be following your blog. Stay courageous and strong. We'll all be routing for you.
From, Mrs Hodson

amy m said...

Hey, Marky! Very cool. Not too bad when a live action hero has your back, eh?

What does a fish say when it runs into a wall? Dam.

What's brown and sticky and floats? A stick. ;)


Warren andrews said...

To the author of this blog, this person is most likely a fake SF Officer.

apollo21lmp said...

i hate to be the barer of bad news, but "Colonel" Kenneth Crocheron is a phony. by the looks of the misplaced ribbons and insignia as well as insignia on the uniform that do not belong on that uniform there are several real veterans that feel he has never served. here is a web site that has more detailed info on him.
we in the military community hope and pray for a speedy recovery for Mark and are honored with his interest in the military. take care.
r. messer