Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday nite from Markysroom ! ! !

I'm afraid to speak it out loud.....but...I heard it with my
own ears up here in Marks room tonite--------He MAY be
coming home Friday!!!!

Who wouldve thought!!! Just 4 wks ago as he came out of
surgery and our hopes were lower than the deepest depths!

Now Mark walks the halls of the 3rd floor without assistance.
No NG tube...No walker...just an IV pole with a few lines going
to his PIC line!!!

He has a sort of "celebrity" status here at Primary's. When he
cruises the halls, all the staff comes out to greet him and
cheer him on. When he's lying in his bed, his previous nurses
and doctor's come by to say Hi and check on his status! Every-
one wants to see the Marky Miracle!!

God DOES work in mysterious ways. I wouldnt have wished this
crazy-ness on myself or anyone else....but I'll tell you, I wouldnt trade the witness of these amazing events that have taken place for all
the chocolate and diet coke in the world !

So, if Marky really is coming home, I have to scramble to make
good on all the empty promises I made to him while he layed listless
in his sick bed! I didnt think he'd remember any of it since he was
so looped on all those good meds!! But he's got a memory like a steel
trap!!! ----Note to self--- .........!

So thank you, EVERYONE for getting us to this point!! For CARRYING
us to this point! Our gratitude is beyond expression!!!!

Love, Marksmom


Anonymous said...

What a miracle Lynette, and what fantastic news. We could not be more thrilled for you and your family.

We will continue our prayers on your behalf.

Rusty and Tammi Simkins

Anonymous said...

XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO. Sniff, sniff. Where's the tissues?

Markys mom said...

Hey you New Mexican friends!---Barbie and rusty and tammi!

Thanks for blogging us. So great to hear from you often! I
miss you guys and hope you're doing well too!

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. Love Netti