Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday from Markysmom!!

Mark is spending the day with various "Fans" keeping a
watchful eye on him.

Mark's brothers, Sam and Scott, are home ill with sore throats, along with both Mom and Dad!

As a result, Aunt Lori is guarding Marks door with an Iron fist and not
allowing any of us near.

Beth Dansie, Jenni Larsen, Angela Cooley and Allen Cottle are
being entertained by Marky during their various shifts! I told Mark to be nice to them....we'll see how they all do!

Lori has been taking the "night shift" graciously. What a gift she is!

With all the stress of having a child hospitalized and lack of rest, seems like we are catching all the "bugs" that circle.

Thanks to everyone for helping out! Love Netti


The McRae Family said...


Please take care of yourself. I read your blog every day and pray for you. Marky needs his Mommy to be healthy.

Please let me know if you need anything...day or night.

Karie McRae

Anonymous said...

I LOVED spending time with Marky (since he was awake). It was great to see him eat chicken stir fry with gusto. Probably too much gusto since I learned he later threw it up. Keep trying, sooner or later it will end up where it's supposed to :), we know where that is Marky!
Love ya, Beth