Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey you guys ! !

Are you checking out all the cool stuff on
the On-line Auction for Marky!!!

Just Do It !

Marky is working on something to auction off.. it's not his old crusty N/G tube...! ! !



Erin said...

If it weren't gross, I'd bid on that N/G tube! That thing is like a battle trophy for Marky! He should totally keep it and use it for show and tell at school to gross his friends out! Glad that thing is finally out, though!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erinator!!!

I'll fish it outa the "red-crud" bag at the hospital for ya! it'd be fun garland for your next christmas tree! ....Already GREEN !!!
okay, that was sick. sorry i said that..Uncle Lee told me to say it !! serious, he did.

Nettie loves you!