Saturday, January 30, 2010


Who woulda thought!

Marky made a Hero's entrance into the neighborhood yesterday, Friday January 30th! Fifty six days in PCMC!

The streets of stonebridge were filled with fans of all ages as they heralded the
return of the King of Primary's!

Markys fans had prepped the streets with 6 dozen yellow balloons, and a hundred yellow ribbons tied on everything vertical, marking the path to
the hero's home!

There were approximately hundreds or thousands (approximately) of friends and well wishers waving and cheering as they followed his chariot to the home!

Several giant banners were hoisted to pay homage to the King of Kourage!
Cookies and soda pop were shared with all the kind fans as Marky then made
his way through the huge crowd and into his SEA OF BEAN BAGS!!! (As promised)!

So far, 5 "Love Sac's", (aka bean bag chairs) have been generously donated to grant Marky's wish of "No furniture, just bean bags" in his family room! Its every kids dream room now!

Also, as promised, the fridge was stuffed with creme soda. There were still creme soda delivery's coming in as late as 10 ocl pm last night!

The prince of primary's has had a permanent smile on his face since he made his grand entrance! ANNNNDDDD HE HASNT THROWN UP since we came home, either!!!!!! Another miracle!

The Home health nurse came and helped us hook up his IV feeding to his PIC line. Suzanne Peterson, our dear friend and gluten free consultant and pediatric nurse AND MOTHER OF ASHLEY PETERSON--leukemia survivor, came just at the right time to assist in the process!

Marky slept all night without incident and has woken today in fine spirits!

Thanks to EVERYONE for your support and love to our dear miracle child.

WE LOVE YOU GUYS! Lynette, et al.


B. Fidler said...

Yeah! So glad to hear that you had a spectacular welcome home party! It has been amazing to follow you through this experience. Our prayers are with you!
Love, Jared, Bryanne and Family

Briana said...

This is such wonderful news! I'm still praying for Marky and the rest of the Jeanes family.

Rosemary said...

Hey, my name is Rosemary and I was looking through profiles and came across yours about Marky. I feel so inspired by his story and would love to hear more about it. Where it began and what is expected in the future etc. I'm only 16 years old and I feel like this has hit me as something really important and that's a big thing for me when I've never met you before. Thanks to you and your son for being so inspiring and willing to share your story. If you'd like to email me with more that would be awesome.